Everything You Need to Know About Business VOIP

Business VOIP

As the cord-cutting movement continues to progress, with more and more systems moving away from hard wiring and becoming more internet-based, many businesses are starting to make the switch to business VoIP phone service.

Business owners enjoy the flexibility and savings they can achieve by switching to a business VoIP provider like Elley. With so many business VoIP providers on the market and a wide variety of VoIP business telephone systems, you may be wondering what VoIP is, how it works, and what benefits it can bring to your company.

Business VoIP

When choosing the best VoIP service for business, you may be looking for a company that will do most of the heavy lifting for you. If this is the case, you would choose what is referred to as hosted services. With hosted service, your VoIP company will handle most of your call service off-site such as delivering calls and updating software. This means little to no hassle for the customer. All you have to do is plug in the few pieces
of hardware and begin using them.

When making your business VoIP provider comparison, you may also find service that is considered self-hosted. This means you will acquire a phone system that is VoIP-friendly, but someone on-site will have to set up the system, route the calls to the appropriate phone, and maintain the gateway service that is the hub of the system. No matter which business VoIP service you choose, you will most likely be responsible for handling the basic phone settings such as phone lines, extensions, and tweaking the individual options on each phone. These tasks are all relatively simple, and your business VoIP provider will most likely provide you with the training you need to quickly and easily make these changes.

The Cost of a VoIP Phone System for Small Business

While business VoIP pricing varies depending on the provider you choose, the cost will mostly depend on the size of your company and how much equipment you will need to get started.

For starters, your business VoIP system will use a broadband connection. Depending on the number of users your company has, you'll need an adequate amount of available bandwidth to ensure you get the best service on your VoIP phones. If you work from home or only have a few employees in the office, you probably wont have to upgrade your service.

Large businesses, businesses with a lot of phones, or businesses that are already close to maxing out their bandwidth will most likely have to consider an upgrade to their system. The cost for this will depend again on the number of users you have and the speed you need for both your new phone system and the other systems currently in place.

The next step in preparing for your business VoIP solutions is the internal network in your business. This includes your network router and switches. These will need to be checked to ensure that they can handle the additional load of the VoIP business phone system. You should also have an IT person or your business VoIP phone service provider see if there is a router that has a configurable Quality of Service setting to maximize the quality of high-traffic VoIP.

Additionally, when considering VoIP business telephone systems for your business, you will need to inquire with your internet service provider whether you have a bandwidth cap. On average, small business VoIP service providers utilize a high-quality G.711 codec for communications to ensure the quality of the call. This can use up to 64kb of data for every second that you talk. This should be taken into account, and if you have a low bandwidth cap, consider upgrading to prevent costly overages.

The last step in analyzing the costs of a VoIP phone system for business is the actual phones. It is important to realize that with a VoIP system, the phones will be communicating using a session-initiation protocol technology where each phone will have its special address. The phone system uses this address to route the calls to each phone. You will need to make sure that your current phones have the ability to communicate this way or take into account the costs of new phones required for your business VoIP solutions.

Benefits of Business VOIP

You may be wondering what makes small business VoIP so attractive. One of the most popular reasons customers make the switch to business VoIP phone service is the cost. Small business hosted VoIP is significantly less expensive than a traditional phone service. This is due to multiple reasons such as:

  • You need less hardware, and often your VoIP service provider will give you new hardware as part of the cost.
  • Subscription fees are lower than most standard small business phone plans.
  • Business VoIP services are often contract-free, and you can choose whether to opt for maintenance agreements.
  • Small business VoIP calls between employees are often free even if the employee is in a different city because they are connected by a data network instead of a landline.

Another benefit of choosing the best VoIP phone system is you can also include mobile apps or forwarding solutions that allow you to make and receive office calls with a mobile device. This allows you to stay connected with the customer whether you are at home or on the road.

The ability to scale your phone system is another reason many companies will make the business VoIP switch. Adding lines is as easy as connecting a SIP-enabled phone to the network. After that, there are a few tweaks to the software to be made and it is ready to go.

Business VoIP System Features

VoIP business phone providers will provide you with systems that include all of the present features that you most likely have with your current system such as
conference calling and voicemail. Also, most voice over IP phones for small business will include additional features and services such as:

  • Virtual receptionists.
  • Customizable advanced call screening.
  • Advanced call forwarding rules.
  • The ability to forward voicemails to email or your mobile device.

Enjoy the benefits of business VoIP service for yourself or contact Elley today to find out how a small business hosted VoIP system can streamline your calls and save you money.